We are the leading Laptop service Providing Center located in Mumbai. Our team of engineers is well-Qualified, well-trained, experienced and skilled Engineers who can troubleshoot and fix any type of Laptop Problems.

We basically deal in reputed brands of Laptops only including Lenovo, Acer, HP, Dell, Samsung, Asus, Toshiba, Sony, LG, MSI, Apple, and Fujitsu Siemens.

We do provide repair and replacement services on AMC basis so if you are running your own company where you have installed office laptops for your employees then you can give us a call and enroll for our AMC services. Our team would give your repair and replacement service according to the terms and conditions agreed by both of the parties.

Our Laptop Service Center offers:

  • Laptop servicing facilities
  • Laptop Peripherals
  • Anti-virus Software
  • Licensing
  • Repairs and replacement services
  • Laptop Spares
  • Laptop Accessories

Post-Sales support is an important part of any business. Most of the companies offer excellent sales services but fail to provide the best post-sale services.

At our Laptop center in Mumbai, you get everything. We value our customers first so offer pre-sales and post-sales services at our best level. We make sure none of your calls is left unattended. Because we strongly believe that customer's gain is our gain.


Laptop India service Centre lets you get the most out of your computer - no matter how you use it.


  • Laptop Broken LCD/ Display
  • Hanging/Freezing
  • Booting Problems
  • Track-Pad Not Working
  • Hard Disc Failure
  • OS Corrupted
  • and More..


We offer a range of delivery and pickup options, so you can choose the shipping method that best meets your needs.


Looking for the original Laptop spares in India. We have biggest Notebook companies spare parts available.

Get virus-free laptop and identify trouble before it happens! in Mumbai

Our Customer assistant can wipe out malware and viruses, and solve problems and prevent before they ever occur.

Accidental Damage? - Laptop Service Center

Repairs can handle! All includes spills, drops, or electrical surges.

Laptop Personalized support in Mumbai

24x7 Access to experts to help with some of its technological areas is Backup and Recovery,

Premium Laptop Support in Mumbai

Our real-time service, real-person will support 24x7. With our High Grade Support, our experts once find any major issues. They will contact you.

Data Security in Laptop Service Center

With us you can be have confidence about safety and privacy of your information.

Don’t pay, if we NO FIX - Service Center

We charge only if we have done something. Payment after completed the problem.

Operating System Reinstallation Sevice Center in Mumbai

If your windows os is crash or macbook os is crashed. We provide you the clean installation of windows and macbook osx. Are you looking for Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 & XP installation all we done perfectly.

Best Laptop Repair center in Mumbai

We are one of the best laptop repair center in Mumbai providing service for HP, dell, acer and other all model and make. Visit our showroom to get service your any brand pc to get properly serviced by the experienced technicians.

Laptop Hardware and software service center in Mumbai

Our service team is available to offer 24/7 support and assistance to answer your queries and provide technical assistance. They can offer you assistance in laptop set up and help in solving maintenance issues

Service cost for laptop repair

We give low cost laptop Service arrangement inside quick turnaround time is our forte. Dell laptop service specialists have a proficient and benevolent specialized help group to assist with the establishment and investigating of your laptop.

Broken LCD screen repair and replacement

Service Centers in Mumbai can fix your Laptop from infection expulsion to remote system arrangements, Screen evacuation, battery removal, and motherboard replacement in your home or independent company systems at truly reasonable costs.

Memory upgrade service in Mumbai

If you are anticipating updating your Laptop memory. Our fix experts must have the option to make the screen substitution rapidly to empower caught up with working administrators keep utilizing their PC for work purposes.

Laptop battery models

Extend your Dell laptop run time and improve execution with a substitution Dell PC battery from us. We convey many good batteries and chargers for your all laptops such ad Dell, Hp, Apple, Lenovo, Asus, Azur, Samsung and so on.

Laptop screen flickering service Mumbai

If the laptop screen is simply flashing, as per our laptop help specialists that could be because of the inverter issues and that could be effectively replaced. A smart thought to consult with our expert professional since you cannot bear the cost of one misstep on such delicate piece of the laptop.

H problem in laptop

The "H" issues allude to the "equipment" or "physical" issues. On the off chance that there is any wear, crack, breaks or other physical imperfections in the transformer on the laptop adapter it might cause the issue. A well used or torn connector link may likewise be the explanation. You can counsel our laptop fix organization for technical support.

Laptop Motherboard service in Mumbai

We fix your motherboard problems such as Blue screen errors, Randomly freezing or hanging, failure to boot, laptop screen not working, overheating and so on. If you think your motherboard not working properly contact our service team in Mumbai they provide efficient service.

Os corrupted issues

There are more reasons why you’re Os corrupted such as hardware issue, modified system files, outdated virus, and corrupt registry and so on. Our service team recovers your laptop OS from corruption.

Laptop fan not working issue

Fans that continue to spin very fast and make abnormal or loud noise might indicate a problem. Main reason for fans not working Physical damage, Not enough ventilation, Dust accumulation, Out of date BIOS.

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